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Debut EP, released September 30, 2011.


released September 30, 2011

Cute Machines (production, songwriting)
Pat Testa (vocals, synth, programming)
Collin McCabe (bass, vocals)
Sam McCabe (guitar, synth)
Cooper Garff (engineering, production)
Jerry McCabe (artwork)
Madelaine Crabtree (songwriting on "Kirby Got Robbed")



all rights reserved


Cute Machines New Orleans, Louisiana

Cute Machines began at college in New Orleans, Louisiana in August 2010 when twin brothers Sam and Collin McCabe teamed up with roommate Pat Testa, experimenting with live drums before transitioning to a drum machine. Within months, the group was building strong bridges and playing shows in the New Orleans area. The band's sound can be described as a blend of post-punk and dance music. ... more

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Track Name: Metaphorical Fist
I don't like you; I never did
With a dangerous body but the brain of a kid
‘Twas a poisonous folly but I offered you a bid
Even you don't have to tell me that you're better than this
And you still haunt me; yeah I'll admit
But I'm sick of the stop motion slowed to a skid
If you want to take a picture and you get what you give
Find a mirror and remember that you won't get shit

Watch this fall to bits
It’s so heavy with the
Weight of the skin
Stretching over the abyss
No, no
Blinded by a tryst
You broke the levee
With a shy smile and
A metaphorical fist
No, no

Call me Rover; throw me a bone
There’s a collar on my neck, but I’ve run away from home
If you’re gonna be my owner then you gotta hold your own
Lest I dig below the fence and leave you loyally alone
We’ve lived this cycle; yeah, it’s been years
You can build yourself a house with the walls made of fears
I don’t want to play the game; you’ve got lips and I’ve got ears
Or I’ll get back up on my horse, and I’ll fucking disappear

Jump, girl, take the risk
It’s not noble
Knowing if you never live
Then you don’t even exist
No, no
Track Name: Synthesis
Let’s meet again up in the plastic jungle
We’ll wring success out of our hair and clothes
I saw the skin begin to crack and crumble
But flowers spring out of the decomposed
A broken promise is a necessary evil
Lest our romance become a pessimist’s throne
Although the miles can make a love turn feeble
Our history remains engraved in stone

I’m gonna tear you apart
I’m gonna make a meal out of your skin and bones
I’ll build a cage for your heart
And carry on, a synthesis of both our souls

If I go south to find my own direction
And you go north to run away from home
We’re bound to meet amidst our introspection
You can’t escape the scent of my cologne
With each example you’re imbedded in me stronger
I only know the colors I’ve been shown
Don’t even wait or it’ll feel much longer
Bide your existence with a less cute clone

And even though I let you go
You never know just what the future hides
You buried in under my skin
Until the end, I can’t forget your eyes
Things got just a little bit crazy
Things got just a little bit cold
But hold tight and we can make it back safely
I know it’s right in the pit of my soul
Track Name: Addiction
The letter’s sitting on my bed; the stamp is glued
The golden envelope brings out the polyester blue
When we were last alone you couldn’t grant me closure
I’m hanging onto time, but waiting can’t be kosher
The selfish irony is I don’t want to
Yet I do

The vivid memories still swell my brain tissue
But fragments chipped by hours and miles have started to accrue
It’s your addiction girl; the innocence was sure to fade
The withdrawal symptoms left you wrinkled, grayed, and piss-stained
The bitter irony is I still need you
Yeah I do

Run, run, run, run
Run until you can’t sustain
Go away, go away
I have nothing left to say to
You, you, you, you
You no longer have the rein
Just accept my respect
For you as been all but drained

I won’t, won’t, won’t, won’t
Look for someone else to blame
Turn around, walk away
I don’t want to hear you say
You know, know, know, know
How to heal my mental sprain
You fucked up, you’re insane!
I’ve got nothing left to gain

It’s true, true, true and true
It’s true that you I can’t contain
Yeah I’ll admit, I’m not fit for this
But you’re still on my brain
And though, though, though, although
You’re 20 million miles away
I heart-spent this letter yet unsent
To you just begging you to stay

And I can’t feign, feign
I’m still drinking romance-brand champagne
Of your particular strain
I’m running trying to catch that train
I’ll go. Go. Go, go, go!
It so turns out, this high will never wane
Just so you know girl, you’re my heroin
Forever yours, cocaine.
Track Name: Chicken Soup
Take one step back if you’re so super cool
You’re an individual; well, I am too
I don’t do tact ‘cause there’s no room for rules
If I’m gonna be with you, you’ll do what you want to

Crank that Siouxsie Sioux
With everybody’s hands all over you
All over you
I’m one, you be too
With both of my brown eyes glued to you
It’s good for you

I’ll rub your back and make you chicken soup
But I don’t want to be a snoop if I’m your dude
Love don’t mean cease to be an animal
‘Cause somewhere in your monkey skull, you’re gonna want to groove
Track Name: Royal Flush
Sarah walks into the room
Posed with her goblet like a booze costume
Probes through her hair by the strobe light glare
Parts it like she knows she thinks she should, too
She’s only looking for a good time really
She’s only looking for some fun
But if she doesn’t find a man tonight who treats her right
At home awaits a bigger gun

Red light, green light
Everybody’s screamin’ like
Whoa, oh
Game face, stage lights
Everybody’s schemin’ like
Whoa, oh

Stevie stumbles through the door
Already ready for the hardwood floor
If for awhile he can find a pretty smile
He’ll forget about his tired civil war
Clinching her goblet flowing red with pride
Sarah peers out behind her throne
But if she cedes her mind to Steve tonight, he’ll treat her right
They’ll never spend another night alone

Red light, green light
Everybody’s screamin’ like
Whoa, oh
Spotlights, streetlights
Everybody’s singin’ like
Whoa, oh
Track Name: Eye of the Gun
If you give me one more chance
If you’ll have this one last dance
I can make you fall in love
Do I need to change myself?
Am I gonna burn in hell?
For the loving that I’ve done

And I will fight
For the wars that can’t be won
And I will live my life
In the eye of the gun

I just wanna hold your hand
And if you give to my demand
I can show you all I know
Am I really such a fool?
Why do you have to be so cruel?
I just wanna see you glow

And I will fight
For the things that can’t be done
And I will live my life
In the eye of the gun
Track Name: Kirby Got Robbed
Now is not the time to pretend we have morals
This isn’t a religion; if it is, then call me god
We can write our own commandments, but that only starts problems
Plus I’d rather hear the stories; I go swimming in your thoughts

‘Cause the day I left the suburbs I would plod through the fear
How the hell were you to be with me if you weren’t even here?
But then as the veil was lifted and the color was renewed
I knew so long as I knew you there was nothing we couldn’t do

So let’s go throw this motherfucker down
‘Cause I’m always gonna wear your motherfucking crown

This is not the time to pretend we have boundaries
If it lives in your desire then it might as well be true
Who am I as your guy to asphyxiate your power?
Plus the devil in me loves it when you walk in his shoes

While I’m waiting for your letters I can guess every word
All that’s strange and absurd; my ambition’s undeterred
‘Cause even far away I can say that I’m still your little bird
Like Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, your brainwaves go overheard
Track Name: Live This Down
Ghost I am not afraid
You walk through walls, but my head is safe
I’ve stuck around to watch you fade
But I wanna see the world outside of the masquerade
You said my dreams were gonna dry you up
But I saw through that, so I really can’t stay
As what our love was deconstructs
We can find rebirth in a brand new day

I’m gonna shoot for the sun
I wanna taste my blood
From the helium heart
Of a body burnt out
Every matter of pain
Will only feed these flames
And for the rest of my days
I’m gonna live this down

I saw a fire in you
Its light grew pale with a permanent flu
But as I grew up, I knew
To trace steps back only left less room to move
You told me you were gonna fall apart
And I saw in that what I now know true
That if I didn’t go break your heart
I would turn into a ghost just like you